"My little village people / La gente de mi villita" Series

Through this Series the students met with some members of Little Village and talked about how they live and see their neighborhood and what they do for and in it.

::Summer 2014 Exhibition::

Thanks to the talented Jaime Lopez for taking most of the photos for us. Camera Flux, Street Art Studio, Experimental Mapping, Difusión Media, and Pop Up Mural Shop all featured

Did you know?/Sabías que? Audio Piece 

By: Pamela Lara

(Source: lapam000)

Did you know?/Sabías que? Audio Piece 

By: Alejandra Dueñas

(Source: alejandraduenas)

The Day She Picked Up A Cat From The Alley

By: Adriana Antunez

Follow her @ http://blacklily14.tumblr.com/

Lucy had a long day and had to practically drag herself home which is why she decided to take a short cut through an alley. She muttered while taking another step closer to her place, “The faster I get home, the faster I can go to sleep.”


She was startled out of her day dreaming by a rustling sound that made her almost want to jump out of her skin in fright. She spun around to face the direction it came from with her heart racing. Lucy then found herself in a fighting stance facing a cat and blushed in embarrassment. The said cat looked at her before rubbing its back against her mud stained boots. That’s when she noticed that it had a collar on. 

"Let’s take you to your owner tomorrow. It’s late and I’m tired, okay?" Lucy asked the cat in her arms as she climbed the stairs to her apartment. She stopped in front of her door, "Why am I even…"

She sighed before opening the door with a expression of content that soon turned sour. The cat ran into her home as soon as its feet touched the floor. Lucy tried to find it only to be hissed at. 

image"Stupid cat." She humphed before going to bed. The next morning her apartment was a disaster; the curtains were scratched as much as the walls, her flower vase was scattered across her dining room floor, there was a strange smell coming from her coat closet, and suspicious noises coming from the kitchen. 


"Drop the Fish." Lucy growled. The cat only when to smirk at her before swallowing Lucy’s dinner whole. She let out a screech of utter frustration before chasing down the cat. Of course, her hair was a mess and there were scratch marks on her arms but she caught it. Lucy was able to corner the cat and trap it in a box before she smirked triumphantly at it. The cat only flatten its ears and refused to look at her in response. 


"That’s the last time I’ll try being nice." Lucy declared for the hundredth time in her life as she knocked on the cat owner’s door. The owner swung opened the door and greeted her was a smile at the sight of his cat. Lucy blushed at the sight of the boy in front of her, he was around her age and rather handsome. So Lucy gathered up her courage and said, "You owe me dinner."

Again the cat seemed to smile, but this time it was smiling along with Lucy and his owner.


Did you know?/Sabías que? Audio Piece 

By: Adriana Antunez

(Source: blacklily14)

A series of soundscapes "My day in a minute" made by the our Difusión Program students. 
The students explore a day in their lives through common-daily sounds. The narrations are unique and left to their own perspectives.

Short stories from our Young Writers

Read some of the creative writing stories from our Difusión Program students!!

- The day I killed a fly with one finger by Pamela Lara

- How does it feel to be a rockstar? by Veronica Ruiz

- Hungry Bear by Alejandra Dueñas

The day I decided to be a sailor by Kyle Williams


Meet the new voices of our Difusión Program

"Journalism: Digital Media Storytelling"

Alejandra Dueñas


I have been known as “Alex” for the past 19 years. Throughout the time of this coursed, I’ve migrated and assimilated to different cultures and attitudes, which has forced me to view the world in very unique ways. 

As I currently reside in the Windy City I walk through the streets of Little Village reminiscing memories from my homeland of Michoacan. i take my pencil and I create what my mind visualizes, resulting with images of where I stand now and of where I once belonged.

Pamela Lara


I have been fond of many things, one of these things is by the way people speak and interact with the world. In order to understand others and myself around me my technique has usually been by writing down a thought and or a vision. Being hands on in my spare time has always involved creating something tangible such as creating bracelets to painting my materials if I ever thought it required a touch.  I’m always looking forward to learning something new everyday and by doing that progressively I look forward to leading my path.  

Zitlalli Paez


Hi, my name is Zitlalli Paez and I am a girl, living in the 3rd biggest city in America, on her journey to find her passion. I enjoy many things such as art, music, soccer, and crime. I want to do something big in this world. Something that will make people know my name and be someone that people can look up to.

Adriana Antunez


My name is Adriana Antunez. I am born in Chicago but raised in Cicero until I went to high school. Now i am a shy but creative Chicana who’s everyday life is a series of adventures.

Kyle Williams


My name is Kyle Williams, and I am 14 years old. I love music and I am a sports fanatic. I love baseball, football, and soccer. I love to write about sports, and get better at my writing. My dream is to someday write for a major sports company.

Veronica Ruiz


My name is Veronica. I’m a quiet, shy girl who is guarded but very open minded and enjoys reading and writing. Some of my hobbies include playing soccer, listening to music, and reading. Something I’m truly passionate about is writing, I would like to be an author or journalist when I grow up. Most of all, I want to travel all around the world and meet all different kinds of people.

Check out a sneak peek of our #wrigleyfield100 #centennialseats!  Our #yolloyouthcouncil partnered with Cubs Charities on this project to celebrate Wrigley’s 100th anniversary! ⚽️🎉📷🎁First person to find our #soccer themed chairs on Michigan Ave and tag us in the picture wins a prize!! 🎉🎁🎉🎁

Check out a sneak peek of our #wrigleyfield100 #centennialseats! Our #yolloyouthcouncil partnered with Cubs Charities on this project to celebrate Wrigley’s 100th anniversary! ⚽️🎉📷🎁First person to find our #soccer themed chairs on Michigan Ave and tag us in the picture wins a prize!! 🎉🎁🎉🎁